COVID-19 - About Delays & Restrictions

Sadly, COVID-19 doesn't stop affecting our lifes currently - including my little business with this smalll shop.
We're all under different regulations and restrictions than normal, so here are a few disclaimers you might want to keep in mind when ordering from me:

- 1 - 

Certain countries at the moment have a clear restriction about receiving packages from other countries. Please inform yourself if your country is one of those (or send me a message and I'll figure it out for you!) - I am terribly sorry, but I am afraid I won't be able process your order if that is the case!

[UPDATE: Shipping rates seem to fluctuate alot currently, so if the shipping to your country differs (greatly) from the usual amount, I will have to refund your order as I will not be able to ship it out unless the price difference is taken care of! I'm trying my best to keep the rates up-to-date, but since the situation changes so dynamically, I can not guarantee for it to be perfect. Sorry for the inconvenience!]

- 2 - 

While postal workers are surely working their butts off to ensure we receive our packages, delays will still be inevitable. Please be patient with your order - once I shipped it out, there is really nothing I can do to speed up the process. If you need your order to a certain date, I'd currently advise you NOT to order from my shop until the pandemic is resolved. But thank you for the interest!

- 3 - 

Please be patient about me shipping your order. I will do my absolute best to ship it within the same week of ordering, but with the current situation being so unpredictable, delays might occur. 

- 4 - 

Take care of yourself! :) This pandemic is such a terrible situation right now, so I hope my merchandise can brighten up your day a little. Other than that, thank you so much for your support - especially in these dire times. 

- Chiemyu